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How has your stress level been in the last few weeks? 

Personally, I have made every effort to focus on the positive in every situation, while keeping a realistic perspective. 

Our team has been in the roofing industry for 27 years, serving healthcare, HOA, and commercial clients. We have no intention for any of that to change. However, we have discussed new markets and additional services we can offer to our valued clients. 

Being transparent with my team is one way we have dealt with the current times. I have had a few hard, honest conversations in terms of what could happen.  I shared with our team, things may get tough, however, they may not for us. With that being said, I wanted them to log onto the unemployment website so they would be familiar with it and it would not be a shock if we must temporarily take that route. We have kept a positive mindset, but also kept it real. 

Another plan of action we took in the last month was to improve our social and digital media strategies. It has been more than a year since we have been active on social media. I figured this was a perfect time to launch a new strategy and implement the ideas our team had. Each person in the office is working on their personal branding, building their LinkedIn, and helping to share our messages on digital media outside of working hours. 

We continue to work in the business during the day and work on the business after hours. Now is not a time to reinvent the wheel, it’s a time to critique what we have and make improvements where needed. 

I have enjoyed visiting with past clients and discussing diversification strategies. Several conversations have simply been a collaboration on how we can work together and help each other out. This current market calls for collaboration in full swing, no matter what generation you are from. 

As you go about your week, I encourage you to reach out to people who have the same values and ethics and connect with them. Surround yourself with people who see the upside to the situation. For me, LinkedIn is a great source for professional connecting, talking to people about their strategies, and learning from each other. 

To you and your team, I say GO FOR IT.  Try something new. If it fails, so what? If it is successful, share it and keep going!  

– Christie