7 Easy Roof Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Commercial Roofing

A high-quality roof on your commercial building can last for years. A well-maintained roof can easily exceed the set 30-year lifespan. The roof can withstand nature’s harsh elements, from strong gusts, hails, and snow to the high summer heat. Regular roof maintenance and inspection help you identify issues early enough and have them rectified. When ignored, the problems can escalate quickly. Here are seven tips to help you maintain your roof.

1. Schedule an Annual Commercial Roof Inspection

It would be best to find a professional commercial roofing company to check your roof at least once a year. The experts have a keen eye for detail and can identify weak points within your roofing system. This helps arrest minor issues before they become problematic.

2. Patch All Leaks Immediately

A seeping roof is a ticking time-bomb. The tiny drops grow with time, damaging your ceiling, floors, and walls. Worse still, it may weaken your beams, causing the entire roof to cave in. To protect your property and the tenants within your building, always do a roof repair at the earliest chance possible.

3. Watch Out for the Winter Weather

Your roofing system may need extra care during the cold season. The winter excitement can quickly become a nightmare with repeated cycles of ice dams and leaks. The warm temperature below the roof melts the ice, which refreezes, creating ice dams that destroy your roof. An excellent commercial roofer will organize for snow clearance for your roof.

4. Trim Your Overhang Branches

Overhang branches can quickly drop on your roof when strong winds or a storm passes by. The twigs, leaves, and broken branches clog the gutter, causing the water to stagnate on your roof. The excess moisture supports the growth of algae, which may accelerate the decay of your commercial roofing. Keep your building and residents safe by scheduling regular trimming of trees around your property.

5. Clean the Roofing System

Frequent cleaning of your roof is one of the best measures to increase its lifespan. You begin by getting rid of the debris and tree leaves that cause water to stand on your roof. While you may be tempted to carry it on your own, it would be best to leave it to the experts. Commercial roofing contractors can help keep your roof litter-free with thorough cleaning and scrubbing.

6. Inspect Your Roof Equipment

While you may focus more on your roof, do not forget the roofing equipment that accompanies it. The chimneys, vents and air-conditioning systems are integral parts of the roof. Ensure that you schedule a professional inspection for each system. A well-ventilated roof can last 20 years or longer.

7. Hire Professional Roof Maintenance Services

It is essential to have a commercial roofer available on call. The roofing contractor can quickly carry out the necessary roof repairs and maintenance to keep your roofing in pristine conditions. Consider the experience, qualifications, and customer service of your preferred HOA roofer. The professional roofing company can inspect your roof and provide estimates and recommendations for the repairs you need.

Your commercial roofing system is an intricate part of your building. Proper roof maintenance and repair is necessary to ensure your roof remains in good condition for years to come. Bravo Roofing Inc. can help schedule regular inspections and repairs for the long-term sustainability of your roof.