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Simply put, my passion is the multi-generational workforce and empowering women in business.

I am the 3rd generation in our family-owned and operated company, Bravo Roofing. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I fully realized my passion was helping people who are involved in companies just like ours.

“Oh, she’s a millennial, what do you expect?” This is a comment often heard that irritates me, because I happen to know some amazing people who are from the millennial generation. My own kids are Generation Z and they bring an entirely new and fresh perspective to the table, oftentimes the perspective most needed.

Personally, I love learning and leading generations other than my own and helping them in areas where my strengths lie. I also love the differences we share and the opportunity we have to learn from each other when we allow vulnerability to be a part of the room.

Throughout the years I have learned the value of being a mentor and also being a mentee. There is nothing better than an individual who wants to become a better version of who they already are. Working in multi-generational businesses opens up the opportunity to mentor the next generation and become a role model for them as they navigate their professional life.

Some of my favorite mentorships have been with other women in the construction business. Empowering women in my industry is especially important to me because I know the hardships I’ve gone through to get where I am today. If I can help to make another individual’s journey easier, I always do my best to be their support line. I have found empowerment can be as simple as a few words or expediting a unique opportunity to help get another woman outside of her comfort zone and see what is on the other side of their fear.

Pursuing YOUR Passion

If you are feeling lost, dreading the workdays, or unable to pin down your passion, I have a few tips for you:

  1. Take each day at a time and realize it is OK to hit roadblocks and detours, they are not your final destination.
  2. Create an ultimate goal and focus on that each day, as it allows you to work, live, and serve with a purpose.
  3. Your passions can/will change, but your purpose is God-given. I think we desire/seek many passions throughout the seasons in our lives; this is what is preparing us for our purpose. Yes, I do believe there is purpose in our passions. Have a patient mindset and enjoy the moment you are in. Don’t rush a perfect process.
  4. If you want to pursue your passions (to get to your purpose), surround yourself with people who are already doing it, find mentors, and most importantly, ASK QUESTIONS. First and foremost, ask yourself why you are stuck, why you are in a toxic relationship/job, or why you don’t have the energy. A lot of times we already have the answers, but if you can’t seem to get going, ask a trusted person for advice. YOU’VE got this!
  5. Read the Power of Focus, and the book of Ruth in the Bible.

One final note, I have found that when I am pursuing my passion in life, I am my authentic self. I make tons of mistakes and laugh about them. The best action I have taken is surrounding myself with solid mentors and like-minded individuals. I can’t wait to see what your life looks like when you are brave enough to fully embrace who you are and pursue your passion.